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Nov 26 2008

Maverick Target #1 Update (Very Good News)

Maverick here…in Miami…waiting for Turkey Day tomorrow… Wish all of you in the US a Happy Thanksgiving. Sometimes it is good to reflect on all the great things we have. Personally I will spend a quiet day reflecting on a last few very interesting events in my life in the past week…get the kids on […]

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Oct 14 2008

Maverick Target #1 Update

Maverick here…In Anchorage…and it has started snowing…welcome to winter! This will be a very short post…ready? Maverick Target #1 is paying as advertised…to the tune of a nice 5 figure cash flow…and the secret these days is…cash flow! Remember…when Tom Cruise in the great movie Jerry Maguire (also in Video On Demand)said in the movie […]

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Aug 08 2008

Maverick Target #1 – Private And Out Of Range

Target Coordinates: Out Of Range For Now Warning…I have Highly Sensitive Intelligence Information that tells me this Target may be out of range (i.e. Mrs VIP could be closed to new members permanently) anytime…so if you want to lock on this target do not waste time! Update 10.12.2009: This target has been out of range […]

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