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Mar 29 2009

Maverick Commutting Gems (Thanks AA 2021 Crew!)

Maverick here…in Miami again (got out of Anchorage at the last minute – more on that later)… After a 15 hour flight Hong Kong to JFK New York…still needed to catch AA to Miami…barely made the connection (this line at security was something else!)… So on to AA Flight 2021 to Miami for another 3 […]

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Oct 13 2008

Maverick Commuting Gems – Vol 1 Part I

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Maverick here…writing this on my rest period…on a 747-400 from Fairbanks, Alaska to Hong Kong… You may say Fairbanks…you guys go there…not really…it is an interesting story I will break up in two parts… You see…I had a few days off and after seeing my kids for the weekend I decided to fly to San […]

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