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Nov 26 2009

Scary Video – About Unemployment

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Maverick…still in Miami…awesome weather here… Happy Thanksgiving…don’t eat too much turkey… About to head out with the kids and visit some great friends for Turkey Day…but not before a round of Kenpo X to burn some before we even start…it is awesome when exercising is a part of your life… Just saw a great Video […]

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Nov 22 2009

Greece To The World Cup

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Brasil can’t go by themselves…they need some company! Maverick here…in Miami…can’t keep those videos away from you..Greece made it to the world cup in South Africa 2010 for the first time in 16 years! For the first one, speaking Greek is a requirement…the second also but but but you can at least view! The Greek […]

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Nov 12 2009

Maverick Target #4 Update – All Well

Maverick here…trying the GOGO inflight internet from JFK to ATL (thank you Delta) and from I have been told it works just fine… Have not said much about Target #4 Update – Gold Nugget Invest – but here is the deal: It has been working just fine for me since January 23. Pays on time […]

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Nov 11 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

Good morning…in Miami getting ready to depart for another exciting trip…but after seeing this video I could not stay quiet any longer! Here’s what Shaun T did for Veterans Day…a great Tribute! This work out is insane and I have done it…not recommend it if you have not done intense workouts before… Here is a […]

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Aug 11 2009

Greece – Should You Go?

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Maverick here… A few days since I was in Greece with the kids I have been away from the computer…which I actually liked.  Here are some interesting videos we took with Grandpa explaining the Parthenon and some other cool areas of the Greek History along with some other reasons for you to visit… Enjoy! What […]

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