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Nov 10 2012

Another Fantastic Food Movie!

Good morning from Miami…just watched this amazing movie on Netflix. Yes its about food again.

I am convinced a lot of the things they talk about in the movie are true. But, as an adult, you should check it out and see for yourself. Can get it below or go to Netflix and watch it.

Its only 67 minutes and packed with great info.

Stay healthy and always check six,

The Maverick

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Mar 07 2012

Incredible Greek F-15 Like Aircraft Design – Wow!

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Maverick here…

It is the wee hours of the morning in Alaska and my brother in Greece forwarded me this UTUBE Video that floored me…a Greek F-15 look a like experimental aircraft! No…this is NOT a joke, here is the video so you can see for yourself

To say amazing…is an understatement…will be visiting the designer in the summer!

And who said Greece is lacking initiative and creativity? Go eat your words!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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Dec 06 2011

Get In Awesome Shape And Winning $100,000!

Maverick here…

In Hong Kong…and I just saw this challenge from the Beachbody CEO…

Get in the best shape of your life and win $100,000!

Find out how in this 5 min video

Yes, not only its real…it can happen for you. Or if you are great shape, why not tell someone you know?

This is how you get started

Its best way I have experienced to feel great…and even get paid in the process!

Check Six…and…Stay Healthy!

The Maverick

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Nov 27 2011

Great Place To Eat Greek Food In Alaska

Published by under Maverick Adventures

Maverick here…

In Alaska…BRRRR….-18C I think that is in the negatives in the Farenheit scale also…

This has been a long time coming…have met some great Greek guys here that do some awesome Greek/Italian food that anyone visiting here should try. The Greek stuff is quite healthy and heck…once in a while it does not hurt to treat yourself.

I have included their brochures here so you can order as you please. But they will only deliver in Alaska…or you can workout a deal with them!



They will not only take good care of you, but they will let you take home what you don’t finish.

Of course you would want to do a good round of exercising after you are finished.

Enjoy the menu…and eat responsibly…and…

Always Check Six!

The Maverick

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Nov 08 2011

An Incredible Movie About Food – Forks Over Knives

Maverick here…

Still in Hong Kong…my buddy Frederic recommended this incredible movie that floored me. It is a bit extreme but if you want to see some of the reasons that people are getting sick, this movie is a must see!

Here is a short trailer to give you an idea of what to expect:

If you have Netflix, its already on Streaming…want to get it to keep? Easy, go here at Amazon and get it!

Is this movie extreme? Yes it is…are they right? You be the judge…but sure don’t forget to also exercise and life an active lifestyle!

Check six…and stay healthy!

The Maverick

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